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Nacho-coated spicy bean and sweet potato 🍔burgers


So it’s been almost a month of meat-free living now and I’m actually not at all missing it! I’ve had some time off so I’ve been able to experiment and enjoy all the recipes I’ve been putting together and there has been a few dodgy concoction fails but ALOT of good ones! I’m really not missing meat at home at all and I’ve not dined out as much this year as I want both dining out and meat itself to be more of a treat than a habit ( I obviously still frequent my coffee shops) I’ve been whipping up a lot of hot/cold salads and today I made something I’ve wanted to make for quite some time, an all time favourite of mine actually! As a child I loved Mexican spiced foods and spicy bean burgers were my favourite! I was actually a vegetarian for a couple of years in my early teens because as a family we all took the plunge together and I think this is where my love for these burgers stemmed from. That being said, I actually haven’t had them since childhood and I’m not sure why as they aren’t at all time consuming , a mere 20 mins tops and I was taken right back! I made mine with cornflour flat-bread as I can’t have bread at all due to a yeast allergy and I’m yet to find a suitable bread or a recipe which is both gluten and yeast free! Which is probably why I don’t make burgers often but none the less it was super tasty with the flatbread. You of course can make yours in gluten-free burger buns or normal if you’re just vegetarian. I can’t express how much these did not disappoint and I just wanted to eat all 6 to myself!


1 large sweet potato (peeled and diced)

1 can of berlotti beans (kidney beans also work)

2 cloves of garlic (finely chopped)

1 tablespoon of tomato paste

1 handful of coriander (finely chopped)

Half a bag of lightly salted corn chips/nachos

Salt and pepper

1 Teaspoon of cayenne pepper

1 table spoon of cumin

Olive oil


Start by boiling the sweet potato, garlic, and beans until the sweet potato is soft enough to mash. Drain and put into a mixing bowl.

Add all the remaining ingredients apart from the nachos and mash together and mix well.

Make into patties and set aside.

Add the nachos into your blender and mill into fine breadcrumb like texture.

On a plate cover the burgers in the nacho flour and heat a frying pan with a teaspoon of olive oil. Fry on both sides until golden.

You can also oven bake these but having tried both methods myself, I found it quicker in the pan and the burger coating was a lot more crisp. You could also double cook and bake for 10 mins then finish cooking in the frying pan.

Serve with garnish, I used baby spinach leaves and some light mayo. They are also super tasty (especially appealing for children) with a little cheese and ketchup.

If you would like the corn flatbread recipe it’s simply

Half a cup of Cornflour

1 egg

Baking powder


Half a cup of water

Combine together into a batter and simply fry like a pancake in a pan until golden on each side.


Laura x

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Hey guys! So just a quick post to share my daily yoga routine with you all. I’ve always been a fan of a little home self taught yoga from quite a young age and along with the ‘Sun salutation’ I found this online and it’s amazing after a workout to stretch your entire body out! 

  I always feel so aligned afterwards, if that sounds crazy!? But give it a go – if you have a reasonable amount of flexibility to start with then it’s a good routine, if not then maybe start with doing the ‘sun salutation’ once or twice a day for a month and you will be surprised how much of a difference it will make. 

Peace out yogi bears! ✌🏽️

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Happy Devon Day!

Flags fly high for the beautiful home we call Devon – how astonishly beautiful you are!! 

Blackpool sands – Dartmouth 

Exmouth beach 
Exeter cathedral 

Head on over to Twitter #Devonday to see more of the Westcountry’s beauty and upload your own happy places around our glorious county! 

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Gluten free fish and chips


Here is a british favourite, albeit a  cheat meal and slightly naughty  but most definitely a winner for that day of the week you let it all go! Being gluten free, yeast free etc 24/7 I can never indulge in the gluttonous glory that is batter from chip shops! I am a huge seafood lover and I haunt my favourite seafood spot (which i will post a review shortly)quite regularly for seared, grilled,smoked and baked etc but on this occassion ( after a few cheeky vinos) I needed something a little more carb-bustrous 😉

Anyway for this devil of a cheat meal I used haddock fillet and new potatoes for the chips, I fried (yes fried! ) them in some olive oil in a saucepan and for the batter I used as follows:

1 egg
Three tablespoons of doves gluten free self raising flour
Salt and pepper
And enough milk to form a reasonably thick batter

The gluten free flour is alot thicker when mixed with liquid so add slowly and leave for min or so to thicken and add more if required, beat into a batter, coat the fish with it,  then fry in the olive oil for about a min then flip it over and fry for another minute, or basically untill its golden in colour and cooked through.


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Spanish spiced chicken on baby rocket with parmesan


This is another quick and super tasty salad/lightmeal idea, the orginal recipe i made involves chorizo but I left that out for the clean version!


Chicken breast
1 chilli chopped
2 large garlic cloves chopped
Sea salt
Cracked black pepper
Baby rocket leaves
Vine tomato
Parmesan shavings

Lightly cook the chicken breast in a little water or oil, add the garlic and chilli and stir,add the tomato chopped and the thyme and paprika, stir lightly until chicken is cooked through, splash a little balsamic on the rocket and shave some parmesan on top for garnish.

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For a chance of winning
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Keep an eye out for my Teapigs Matcha review this friday too


Why not head on over to www.teapigs.com and use the code CLEVER and receive 10% when ordering (excludes matcha and bulk orders)

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Competition T-time


Good news #clevercleanbites has teamed up with the fabulously scrumptious @teapigs for some competition fun! To be in for a chance to win some #teapigs #matcha #tea prizes head on over to #twitter this evening!
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Happy friday!


Friday is here, although I don’t like to see myself as one of those wait for friday people, its still nice to see in the weekend with a smile, delve into relaxation mode (if you are lucky enough to not be working on a saturday)and put your feet up. I’m just as happy on friday mornings as any other day because mornings mean breakfast! And breakfast means COFFEE 🙂 anyway back to the point which was about my feature friday, I don’t have one ready for today, this week has zoomed by leaving absolutely no blog time.
But fear not! I have some fantastic products being shipped my way shortly for review, along with some prize giveaways for you lovely clean eating health machines out there! So as miranda says “bear with” and look out for the goodies to come.

In the mean time im always live “on the go” over on twitter and instagram @loriericeli @clean_bites @xloriex so give me a follow on there also.

Enjoy your weekend lovelies and I will try and fire out some clean weekend recipe treats for you all.


“Happy friday”

Lorie riceli

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First of all apologies for the lack of posts recently, half term is hectic for me but Happy Easter to you all and here is my feature friday for this lovely bank holiday weekend!

I was recently lucky enough to sample some wonderful caffeine treats from VividDrinks, im not one for turning down anything that involves greentea or coffee, especially one that explores  innovative, new ways to get my caffeine fix.


At a glance Vivid has everything that appeals to the eye when im out shopping for thirst quenchers on the go,small yet functional, healthy, mouthwatering flavour choices and packed with good energy sources to keep me going.Matcha tea has been one of my favourite summer drinks for a few years now, I tend to merge into my iced tea mode when the sun starts make an appearance so I was more than excited to carry these little beauties around in my handbag, along side my meal prep this week.


I have to say it was hard to choose a favourite out of these (grape and elderflower, lime, honey and ginger, pear and rhubarb) but I think if there has to be a winner, i’d go for the grape and elderflower! Alot of drinks you can buy can be a let down when it comes to flavour but I must say this wasnt the case with these, they were all delicious and even better when chilled or iced. If like me you are a health nut or simply looking for a healthy swap for your iced drinks this coming summer, I fully recommend you look out for Vivid drinks on the shelves!

Check out the range …..

Instagram @vividdrinks
Twitter @vividdrinks

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