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Chilli,ginger and honey steak with kale


Quick and easy one for a super tasty clean lunch and chilli is such a great way to kick you back Into gear after a lazy weekend, it never fails to pick me up and makes me feel refreshed again! Follow this light,fiery lunch with a cup of green tea and you’re good to go 👌

Fresh grated ginger
Red pepper
Fresh chopped garlic
Salt and pepper
Fresh kale
1whole red chilli chopped
Sirloin steak (or steak of choice)

In a frying pan braise the steak on both sides then put aside to rest then slice

Then add the remaining Ingredients into the pan with a little oil or water stir fry for a few mins then add the stripped steak back in and drizzle with honey,stir fry until steak is cooked to preference and serve.