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Mid summer nights

Totally un-recipe related but just a little montage of summer happiness! I hope you are all enjoying yours so far ♡








Bom dia!


Alot of people have been asking me recently, what I eat for breakfast on a daily basis.Although I eat a lot of eggs, I dont typically eat them scrambled alot like in my recent post ‘the clean big breakfast’ I have that occasionally at weekends but throughout the week it is usually as follows:

3 egg whites, 1yolk, omelette
Double espresso
Small tumbler of fruits and oats and milled linseed I.e a few blueberries, 1 strawberry, a small amount of chopped banana, tablespoon of gluten free oats, a tablespoon if milled linseed, a few walnuts and cinnamon and honey to taste.

Hope this helps anyone that asked, obviously you can adjust it to suit your own lifestyle and nutritional need.

Gluten free fish and chips


Here is a british favourite, albeit a  cheat meal and slightly naughty  but most definitely a winner for that day of the week you let it all go! Being gluten free, yeast free etc 24/7 I can never indulge in the gluttonous glory that is batter from chip shops! I am a huge seafood lover and I haunt my favourite seafood spot (which i will post a review shortly)quite regularly for seared, grilled,smoked and baked etc but on this occassion ( after a few cheeky vinos) I needed something a little more carb-bustrous 😉

Anyway for this devil of a cheat meal I used haddock fillet and new potatoes for the chips, I fried (yes fried! ) them in some olive oil in a saucepan and for the batter I used as follows:

1 egg
Three tablespoons of doves gluten free self raising flour
Salt and pepper
And enough milk to form a reasonably thick batter

The gluten free flour is alot thicker when mixed with liquid so add slowly and leave for min or so to thicken and add more if required, beat into a batter, coat the fish with it,  then fry in the olive oil for about a min then flip it over and fry for another minute, or basically untill its golden in colour and cooked through.


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Joys of the westcountry


Sunday snacking on a mezze of the westcountry produce today!
Darts farm cheeses mmmm

Devon blue, stilton, quince jelly, some naughty kettle chips and some yummy chilled fruit ♡