FAST FOOD- Mexican chicken wrap


I’m a great lover of mexican foods, chilli con carne is a regular occurrence in my household, the spcier the better! I used to love chicken fajitas too so here is a clean twist on the well known and much loved mexican classic without the guilt and it tastes even better knowing its clean 🙂

(For one person)

1 sliced chicken breast
1 tomato, sliced
Half a red pepper sliced
1 teaspoon of cumin
Chopped red chilli (as much as preffered)
1 finely chopped garlic clove
Salt and pepper
Salad leaves of choice
Sprinkle of feta (optional)

Pan fry all of the above apart from the cheese and salad leaves

To make the wrap put one egg 1/3 cup of doves gluten free selfraising flour and some water or milk in a blender until its a batter then pan fry like a pancake.

Top the wrap with the ingredients and salad of choice and enjoy!

This literally took 10 mins max to put together and you can make it in advance to take with you in a lunch box also.

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