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Fast food


Another quick and easy fast to make dinner idea! Filling, lean, and uber healthy.Turkey breast steak, kale and sweet pepper, egg white omelette (1 yolk, 3 whites) garlic and sea salt and cracked black pepper #clevercleanfastfoodies πŸ˜‰

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Exeter food festival


Also want to say a massive thanks to Exeter Food and drink festival for the passes and ice cream from

salcome dairy I am hoping and wishing for sunshine this sunday so I can fully enjoy my day off at the festival and do some clean blogging whilst im there!

Happy friday!


Friday is here, although I don’t like to see myself as one of those wait for friday people, its still nice to see in the weekend with a smile, delve into relaxation mode (if you are lucky enough to not be working on a saturday)and put your feet up. I’m just as happy on friday mornings as any other day because mornings mean breakfast! And breakfast means COFFEE πŸ™‚ anyway back to the point which was about my feature friday, I don’t have one ready for today, this week has zoomed by leaving absolutely no blog time.
But fear not! I have some fantastic products being shipped my way shortly for review, along with some prize giveaways for you lovely clean eating health machines out there! So as miranda says “bear with” and look out for the goodies to come.

In the mean time im always live “on the go” over on twitter and instagram @loriericeli @clean_bites @xloriex so give me a follow on there also.

Enjoy your weekend lovelies and I will try and fire out some clean weekend recipe treats for you all.


“Happy friday”

Lorie riceli

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First of all apologies for the lack of posts recently, half term is hectic for me but Happy Easter to you all and here is my feature friday for this lovely bank holiday weekend!

I was recently lucky enough to sample some wonderful caffeine treats from VividDrinks, im not one for turning down anything that involves greentea or coffee, especially one that explores  innovative, new ways to get my caffeine fix.


At a glance Vivid has everything that appeals to the eye when im out shopping for thirst quenchers on the go,small yet functional, healthy, mouthwatering flavour choices and packed with good energy sources to keep me going.Matcha tea has been one of my favourite summer drinks for a few years now, I tend to merge into my iced tea mode when the sun starts make an appearance so I was more than excited to carry these little beauties around in my handbag, along side my meal prep this week.


I have to say it was hard to choose a favourite out of these (grape and elderflower, lime, honey and ginger, pear and rhubarb) but I think if there has to be a winner, i’d go for the grape and elderflower! Alot of drinks you can buy can be a let down when it comes to flavour but I must say this wasnt the case with these, they were all delicious and even better when chilled or iced. If like me you are a health nut or simply looking for a healthy swap for your iced drinks this coming summer, I fully recommend you look out for Vivid drinks on the shelves!

Check out the range …..
Instagram @vividdrinks
Twitter @vividdrinks

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Peanut butter protein balls


Once you are deep into the world of fitness, you may find yourself just a tad obsessed with peanut butter so if that is the case, go ahead and squeal with delight at these little beauties!

I havent written any measurements as its really a case of the more you use the more you get to eat πŸ˜‰



Protein powder

Coconut oil

Melted Dark chocolate

Mix the peanut butter and protein powder together in a bowl with a little coconut oil, you need it to be able to form balls that wont be too dry and fall apart and wont be too sticky to roll so its just a case of getting the right consistency. Next melt the dark chocolate (allow to cool a bit so it wont just fall off the peanut butter balls) then roll them in the chocolate mix, for best leave them to set in the freezer first so the chocolate dries onto them faster.

Et voila! Dont eat too many πŸ˜‰

Gluten-free sugar-free stem ginger cake


Here is a cake recipe for cheat meal day, its not as clean as the loafs I usually make but for a cake its pretty good, as I experiment I will probably end up making an even cleaner version as im sure I could substitute the marg but as its soya its still better than normal margarine, this cake is naturally very sweet too so its hard to eat alot of it πŸ™‚


3 eggs
Half a cup of soya margarine
2 cups of doves gluten-free self raising flour
2 table spoons of honey
1 banana
Fresh ginger grated

Mix all the ingredients together except the eggs, whisk the eggs separately in a bowl then slowly add the to other ingredients whilst whisking.
Bake in a non stick loaf tin at 180ΒΊ for about 35 mins or until golden brown and cooked through (clean knife test)

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Changes for life.


Anyone seriously wanting to change their health and lifestyle has to start at home, to eat well you need to not only eat healthy but make sure you buy healthy.I know it sounds obvious but alot of people just switch healthy meals on the go and come home to cupboards full of sweet snacks, processed foods and white carbs.

Eating and buying healthy food doesn’t have to be expensive at all, dont be afraid to use several supermarkets and stalls to get deals and everything you need.
People are always asking me how much I spend on food a week and its always half of what others spend buying quick meals and sugary snacks.


Shop around, plan meals,keep it clean and you will be suprised how much cheaper it is to eat healthy! Not to mention the benefits you will feel on the inside!

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Super kale smoothies


Raw kale smoothies are the new lunchtime addiction! This one is kale, banana, pumpkin seed, sunflower seed and a little honey, good to take away the sweet tooth and sooo healthy β™‘β™‘ you can make them with whatever fruits or veg you like, whether you want sweet or savoury flavours, with ice cubes, water,milk or fresh fruit juices, they are all so yummy and packed with iron, fiber, vitamins and antioxidants! 

Get blending πŸ™‚

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