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Blueberry protein pot


Here is another of my many protein rich dessert/snack/breakfast treats for you all, I dont make it very often as I limit my dairy in take these days but I like to indulge in a little greek yogurt every now and then because I find it best to vary my proteins and ‘0% fage greek yogurt’ is highnin protein and low in everything else.I usually make this and layer it up in a glass with other things I.e dried fruits and seeds.


Handle of fresh blueberries

Two tablespoons of fage 0% greek yoghurt

1 tablespoon of cottage cheese

1 tablespoon of Ground almonds

Blend all the ingredients and all but a few of the blueberries in a blender and serve with blueberries on top.

You could also make a cheesecake with this recipe, add a bit more cottage cheese to the mix when blending and make a base using blended granola, honey, ground almond, coconut oil and cinamon, press into a dish and top with the blueberry mixture then refrigerate.

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Fast food the clean way.


So I’m all about fast food…..clean fast food that is and it doesn’t have to be junk,this is so quick to put together and you could even take the ingredients in a lunch box and assemble at lunch for work etc once you have Made the flat breads then its just a case of keeping them in a tin for when you need them.


1 cup of Doves self raising gluten free flour
Olive oil
Salt and pepper
Herbs (optional)

Mix all together and add water slowly until it makes a dough you can roll out into rounds then cook in a frying pan like a pancake until firm, you can oven bake or grill also.

You can pretty much top with anything you like, like a quick,no bake pizza,I’ve chosen to top mine with sweet red peppers, tuna, rocket, tomato paste and herbs.

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Meet Ivan and I-Van (yep good huh!? ) together they are the future of coffee! After touring with bands for many years, long nights and caffeine fueled mornings, ivan decided coffee was the new rock and roll and converted his super little camper van into a mobile espresso bar!

Now I’ve never needed an excuse to have a coffee and sample any newcomers pitching up in my humble little city so I was on the case to find out what this delightful little camper van had to offer.



And what a delight it was! Im a very fussy coffee consumer and I can rightly say that the americanos in someof the “bigger coffee chains” are pretty dire but Ivan who sources locally roasted coffee beans certainly knows his stuff.


With an abundance of artisan, treats, including the delicious ‘malted fruit and seed bar’ I had the pleasure of sampling (gluten free may I add) from ‘ Peck and Strong ‘ in crediton, ivan offers gourmet hot chocolate along with complimentary biccies.


So keep an eye out for I-van the super camper!

For more info you can find them at

Quick,healthy and tasty meals


Whenever I make a curry, I like to make the pastes from scratch, its a lot more flavoursome and you can jar it up and keep it for another time in the fridge.

Here is a simple really yummy paste you can make at home to add to your meats, meal preps and veggies if you are looking to spice up plain foods.


Handful of coriander
Lemon juice
2 chillis
Tablespoon of turmeric
Tablespoon of cumin seeds
Salt and pepper
Fresh ginger
Splash of coconut oil

Blend all the above ingredients and store in a sealed jar


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Keep your balance.


Remember to keep your meals balanced throughout he day, plenty of  greens, varied complex carbs and grains and of course your protein hit!

Remember portions of certain food will vary depending on your goal and results but for a healthy balanced lifestyle, this is the blueprint 🙂

Enjoy your day and keep it clean 😉

Breakfast fruit postre pots!


First of all Good morning and hope you have all had a lovely week, I’ve not uploaded for a while as there’s been some technical issues but hopefully its all back on track now.

I’d thought I’d share some breakfast and after meal/snack ideas with you all, to keep your energy up throughout the days and keep that naughty sweet tooth at bay ,after meals and during snack times.


Now we all know the phrase “eat breakfast like a king” well I’ve come to the realisation now ,this is in fact true and very beneficial also.
I like to start my day with egg white omelette, black coffee and a fruit pot.


You can use whatever clean, healthy ingredients you wish, but this particular one is banana, strawberry, gluten free muesli, honey and cinnamon.They are great for after meals, snack time and part of your balanced breakfast in the mornings.Use a small tumbler/glass and layer up all sorts of goodies, experiment with flavours and see what delicious little postre pots you can come up with.


Why not get the kids involved, they will love to construct their own little pots and experiment with healthy foods at the same time :).

Goody box!


Grazebox for kids has landed!
When I first started ordering grazeboxes, my son wasnt that interested but over the weeks, months and so on he decided that infact, healthy snacking was fun and tasty, leading to him consuming half of mine each week.wpid-IMG_20140311_154407.jpg

Now he has his own and its filled with yummy, child friendly snacks, its a great way to introduce your children if they are fussy, to natural snacking foods, they can lool forward to it arriving in its cute personalised box and whats more when they are done with it the packaging has games and activities inside  🙂

You can start your boxes at the grazebox website today and recieve your 1st, 5th and 10th grazebox for free, using my friendcode : LAURA6QP

Thought for the weekend.


Support, empower, endorse, enable every man women or child, believe in dreams, even if they aren’t your own ♡


Feature friday – BeInspired!


To kick off the start of my weekly features, is one that excites me to immense proportions! Being a social network enthusiast as I am, blogging, updating, posting, tweeting and sharing on social media platforms far and wide (as some of you may know very well)here is a brand new shiny social media platform that covers everything we could possibly dream of in the world of fitness and health.

BeInspired fitness is here! And oh how we needed such delights! Founded and created by Niall smith, this innovative new take on social media webbing is Sort of a facebook for fitness addicts if you wish but with far greater benefits and opportunities.


BeInspired allows you to create your very own profile in which you can keep your followers , clients and friends upto date with classes, achievements, schedules and activities. Whats more it gives you the flexibility to find and search out professionals who meet your needs and objectives,with online booking systems and messaging tools.

So whether you are a professional or you aspire to inspire, get ready to BeInspired.


To be featured in upcoming months email

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Malaysian chicken and coconut rice


I stumbled across this recipe when I first developed a love for cooking and clean eating in a recipe booked named 1000 simple recipes. I of course altered and tweeked it a few times since to my own tastes, it was originally a lamb dish but i like to make it with chicken.This is one of my go to recipes for family dinners and it never gets old.


2 fresh chicken breasts

1 whole lemon
Fresh ginger
3 cloves of garlic
Tablespoon of turmeric
Tablespoon of cumin
1/3 block creamed coconut
Two chillis
fresh Coriander
Fresh lemongrass
Chopped tomatoes in own juices
Salt and pepper
1 onion

Start of by making the curry paste, you will need a hand blender or food processor, put the chilli, garlic, handful of coriander, ginger, turmeric, cumin, coconut, lemon grass , salt and pepper and juice of the lemon into the food processor and blend.
Next saute the chopped onion and then add the paste and stir and cook for 2-3 mins( be careful not to burn the spices) then add the chopped tomatoes and cook for a further 5-6 mins, stirring occasionally.

Now seal the chicken breast in a saucepan in some water or coconut oil or rapeseed oil (the chicken should be diced or sliced)add the chicken to the curry mixture, stir and add half a tablespoon more cumin and coconut, salt and pepper then cover and cook for 15 mins or until chicken is tender and cooked right through.

Serve with rice cooked in creamed coconut with the water and garnish with coriander.

Gluten free chappatis:

Combine one cup of doves gluten-free flour, teaspoon of olive oil and salt pepper and fennel seeds with a little warm water until you form a dough. Roll out into rounds (you can make thin ones or thicker for a more naan bread style bread) and fry like pancakes in a frying pan in a tiny bit of oil.

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